word repetition… just find substitutes? 


The problem of word over-use often occurs when you are reporting what other people have written or told you. How, for instance, can you avoid writing ‘said’ over and over? Reading the same word several times can be extremely boring. You need to find substitutes for those pesky ‘said’s. Right?

Here’s a paragraph which could really do with some sort of word substitution help. As you see from the wordsin bold, the writer uses the same dialogue tag, the verb suggest, over and over again.

Feminist research is, Lather suggests, ‘about putting the social construction of gender at the center of one’s enquiry’ (1991:71). Reinharz (1992), suggests feminist research has three features. Firstly, it is done by people who identify themselves as feminists or as part of the women’s movement. Secondly, it is published for a feminist audience i.e. found in journals or books that only publish feminist…

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