The Athenian Oracle

The Public Domain Review released an abridged version of The Athenian Oracle.  Seventeenth century Englishman, John Dunton, organized a panel of ‘experts’ to answer questions from the public on nearly any topic.  The Athenian Oracle took place in the late seventeenth century, when free groups, usually known as ‘societies,’ emerged.  For instance, the infamous Society for the Reformation of Manners is (SRM) also formed in the 1690s as did others.  ‘Societies’ were usually free to join or members paid a subscription, most ‘societies’ sought to change, educate, reform, etc. English culture in the wake of the Glorious Revolution.  The Athenian Oracle provides a look into how John Dunton and his colleagues sought to bring knowledge to the general public.  The topic of the edition released by the Public Domain Review covered Love and Marriage.








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